By following these guidelines, you will do your part in ensuring the success of your new trees. Please contact us with any questions.

  WATERING is essential for your new tree’s root system, begin watering as soon as the trees arrive.

  • Watering is also very important for newly transplanted trees
  • After planting run the water slowly over the WHOLE root zone to ensure maximum absorption.
  • Getting the water on the branches and needles also helps the tree stay hydrated.
  • Your trees will require water once a week when dry conditions exist.
  • We can help you with setting up a drip water system for your trees, just contact us.

 FERTILIZER is very important to promote growth and maintain a healthy tree. 

  • Evergreen trees do not have very high phosphorous needs and benefit most from an acidic fertilizer designed for evergreens or a high-nitrogen fertilizer with a formula like 12-6-4 or 10-8-6. Organic fertilizers are also a great option include compost, Milorganite, Dairy Doo, and other organic fertilizers.
  • Granular fertilizer works the best because it helps prevent the roots from burning and allow you to only fertilize once per year. We do not recommend using Miracle Grow on evergreens because it is designed for acid loving plants, not evergreens.
  • The best time to fertilize your evergreens is before new growth expands, around early April up to about mid-July. Don’t apply fertilizer later than mid-July as this will stimulate new growth late in the season. This new growth may not have time to “harden off” (become acclimated to colder temperatures).
  • If a tree is nutrient stressed, a slow or timed-release fertilizer can be applied in late summer up until late fall. This can help evergreens tolerate winter and emerge healthier in the spring.
  • Water dry plants before fertilizing. Never fertilize drought-stressed plants as fertilizer can burn stressed tree roots or push the plant to put on new growth when it does not have the energy. If conditions continue to be dry after you’ve fertilized (e.g. little to no rainfall), be sure to water your evergreens regularly through late fall.

MULCHING is also very important, apply mulch to cover the root zone within a week after planting.

  • The back filled soil surrounding your new trees needs to be covered with mulch
  • Apply a 2″- 4″ layer of mulch, be sure to cover the entire root zone.
  • Leave space around the base of the trunk to avoid potential disease or rotting.
  • Mulch helps to reduce water evaporation from the soil.
  • Mulch also protects the roots from extreme temperatures.

We can help with Drip Irrigation Systems, contact us for pricing.

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