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Arborvitaes are a type of evergreen plant which are typically used for privacy hedges. These plants tend to be low-maintenance and provide an excellent screen. Spruce trees are also a good choice for your screening needs, they too can give you the privacy you need.

why plant Trees

Evergreen Trees add natural beauty to your lawn and your home. The trees can mask nearby roads, your neighbors, and any unsightly view all year around. These beautiful trees create an eye-soothing screen of green and provide excellent cover also for birds.


Nursery Supplies

Beautiful trees take a lot of work, all year round.  Nursery supplies like compost materials, fertilizers, and drip water systems help you better manage the daily activities to allow beautiful heathy trees in your landscape. We can help, just contact us anytime.

“What a Great Way to Block Off Those Pesky Neighbors”

About Us

The goal of Privacy Trees is to offer a beautiful natural growing fence to help achieve privacy for your family. All the plants and trees we offer come from the fields of Michigan right to your yard. We take pride in our plants and trees, and always offer the best products available. We can also arrange for delivery and tree planting at your site. Please contact us with any questions or to place an order. 

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Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae trees grow on an average of 1.5 feet to 3 feet per year. These trees can reach up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

Spruce Trees

Spruce trees grow on an average of 1.5 feet per year. These majestic trees at maturity can reach 35 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

Tree Care

Please see our guide on maintaining a healthy environment for your new trees. We can help with drip irrigation systems also, contact us.

What Customers Are Saying

Excellent company to work with, great product and fast delivery. I love the direct field to yard pricing.

Love the trees, I would certainly recommend this company for your tree needs.

These are the healthiest trees I have ever seen at a great price,  great people to work with.